Another Year Living the Dream

RMO’s 2nd Year in Review

RMO Athlete/Artist - Brian Middleton RMO Athlete/Artist – Brian Middleton

In just our 2nd year of operation, Rock Monkey Outfitters has accomplished so much more than planned, and it is all thanks to you! RMO turned 2 at the end of January and we’d like to take you through a review of some of Team Rock Monkey’s favorite moments and biggest accomplishments of the past year.

  • Sending an ambitious Spring/Summer 2016 Line out into the world with great responses!

  • Gaining valuable partnerships with some of our biggest retailers now putting us in over 40 stores across 8 states.

  • Assembling a “Good Vibe Tribe” for a successful Spring/Summer Photoshoot near our home base in central Arkansas.

  • Shipping items online to new customers from Australia to Slovenia!

  • Making a TON of new friends like Melody at SUP Outfitters who helped out with a late summer shoot.

  • More than doubling our list of RMO Athletes, Storytellers, and Ambassadors to help spread our idea of #LivingtheDream worldwide!

RMO Athlete - Austin Sarles RMO Athlete – Austin Sarles

  • Growing our social media presence to more than double the size and engagement as last year.

RMO Athlete/Storyteller - Beth K. @after5adventures RMO Athlete/Storyteller – Beth K. @after5adventures

  • Having our biggest release yet with Fall/Winter 2016 designs & styles.

  • Sourcing all of our own materials from stitching, ink, sizing, custom tags, to buttons with “Rock Monkey Outfitters” on them for button downs. This was especially exciting after a year of buying shirts and screen printing separately!

RMO Athlete/Storyteller - Laura Edmondson RMO Athlete/Storyteller – Laura Edmondson

  • Branching into more technical gear outside of t-shirts, such as our diamond quilted Pullovers, RMO Flannel, & an exclusive run of RMO Button Downs. Some of Team Rock Monkey’s favorite items of the season!

  • Adding two staff members to help with day-to-day operations and responsibilities of the company: Tanner Burge, RMO Brand Developer + Brian Quinn, Sales Representative

“RMO is my baby and it’s hard to find people you trust with your baby. I reached a point with Rock Monkey where I could no longer do everything. Brian and Tanner stepped in to help me take RMO somewhere I couldn’t have alone. Adding them to the team was crucial to our success.”

— RMO Founder/CEO, Jordan Mountjoy
  • Receiving the official copyright and trademark to the RMO logo and name!

  • Best Memory: Hosting a Team Rock Monkey Retreat at the Little Red River again with Beau’s Guide Service, and plenty of friends both old and new!

“Getting to fly Brian Middleton down on RMO’s dime was the highlight of my year. After 2 years of texting and e-mailing, I finally got to meet the guy that believed in RMO before most people even knew about it. Bringing people together is what RMO is all about and this moment showed all of us that hard work will eventually pay off. It was truly a moment of hope for the future.”

— RMO Founder/CEO, Jordan Mountjoy

RMO Athlete/Artist, Brian Middleton on the boat with Beau Saunders of Beau's Guide Service RMO Athlete/Artist, Brian Middleton on the boat with Beau Saunders of Beau’s Guide Service

  • Biggest Accomplishment: Opening a brick and mortar store front at our home-base of Bryant, Arkansas. This was a dream Founder/CEO Jordan Mountjoy hoped to accomplish in the first 5 years, but worked his tail off and made it happen in a just a little over 1 year.

Founder/CEO, Jordan Mountjoy working on the brick and mortar store in Bryant, AR Founder/CEO, Jordan Mountjoy working on the brick and mortar store in Bryant, AR

  • Holding two soft openings of the RMO Store around the holidays with packed houses from open to close. Again, thank y’all so much!


  • Totaling over 10,000 items sold, almost tripling numbers from 2015!

All of these things and more made for an amazing year, but what is even more exciting is what we have coming for the future. We are so greatful for the continued support from each and every one of you. This story is your story and RMO will forever be a brand for you, by you. We can’t wait to show you what 2017 has in store! Here’s to another year “Living the Dream!”

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