EXPLORE & DISCOVER WITH BETH // Havasu & Mooney Falls

Beth (@after5adventures) is one of our Rock Monkey Athletes based out of Boulder, Colorado. With hundreds of miles of climbing routes, hiking trails and road trips behind her, Beth loves the weekend warrior lifestyle. Things that make her glow include puppies, sleeping in a tent, multi-pitch climbs, getting others stoked, making people laugh and planning her next adventure. You can read more about her adventures on www.After5Adventures.com.

Escaping a snowstorm is not how I envisioned the beginning to my two week desert road trip: winter storm warnings and rain. Lots and lots of rain. But I guess it would have to do. And what did I expect from Colorado in May?

After “camping out” in my car overnight, I crossed the line into Arizona around 10 a.m., with the intentions of meeting my adventure buddy, Hannah, at the Havasupai Hilltop lot. Grand Canyon bound, south rim.

I was ready to explore and discover.

First, I discovered that in some parts of this country people let their COWS ROAM FREE ACROSS THE ROAD. Apparently this is normal for some – but not to this Jersey girl. It took me HOURS to make it 40 miles down this “free range” road. I’ve never been so afraid of cows in my life.

I made it. I survived, and found a cozy little spot to park my car for another night of crashing in it. Hannah arrived soon after, and had a similar setup.

We rose before the sun, ready to explore the Grand Canyon, and began the descent with our 25 lb packs. 3.5 hours and way too many pictures later, we made it to the village of Supai, where we had a successful check in. Two more miles, and another granola bar later, we were setting up our tent and gawking at the crystal blue water that seemed to follow us everywhere.

We explored Havasu, Mooney, Little Navajo and Beaver Falls over the course of the next day and a half, while dodging lizards, snakes and questionable bridges. The head high bushes that connected all the falls gave everyone the illusion we were hiking through Jurassic Park, and sent us into a brief trot during certain moments.

We made it out unscathed, and without any dinosaur sightings (unfortunately). 4 hours, and 10 miles back up the canyon, we collapsed into our cars and took off towards Indian Creek for some crack climbing and a nap.

Here’s to hoping for a spring and summer full of more days and nights like these! Keep living the dream and include us in your own good vibe tribe. Shop the full Spring 16′ collection online and in stores now. #TeamRockMonkey #LivingTheDream #ExploreAndDiscover #GoodVibeTribe

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