The changing of seasons is something we at Rock Monkey Outfitters welcome with open arms. There is something so special and refreshing about the natural shifts all around us that require us to adapt. So as the air turned crisp, leaves turned yellow, and the skies began to clear, we planned a little getaway to test out some new Long Sleeve Tees and catch the last of the Milky Way before it disappeared behind the sun for the winter months.

Our super soft long-sleeve tees are online and in stores now in Fall/Winter ’16 designs! Story & Photos by Tanner Burge (@tgburge) Models – Kendall Hart (@kendall_hart + @thehartabroad) & Sam Broas (@samlynnb)

We got to one of our favorite valleys far away from city lights to find the perfect place to watch sunset and do some stargazing. Late in the afternoon, the temperatures were starting to drop and it was a perfect time to roll the sleeves down while we explored an old homestead. Featured here are the Long Sleeve Pocket Tee in Red and Long Sleeve Explore and Discover in Sky.

As we started losing daylight, we decided to stay on the move and explore with what time we had left. We found ourselves into a dried creek drainage and high above the valley to appreciate the impending colors of autumn. Featured below are Cabin Fever in Bay and Explore and Discover in Charcoal.

Featured below watching the sun set high above the valley are the Explore and Discover in Bay and Pocket Tee in Charcoal.

As soon as the light left us we had a good hour to wait until the stars really started to shine. As the cold and dark crept in, we decided to get comfortable in our car-camping setup, complete with string lights and snacks. Feature below are the Pocket Tee in Red and Explore and Discover in Bay.

We were rewarded for our patience once we walked back into the valley and looked up at the sky. Billions of tiny twinkling lights throughout the galaxy we call home, humbling us on our little green and blue planet that we’ve grown so determined to explore. The colors of the Milky Way were magnificent and bright enough to see with the naked eye, but some extra camera-work definitely helped show its beauty. Featured below are Pocket Tee in Charcoal and Explore and Discover in Bay.

For those readers who aren’t experienced stargazers, the Milky Way’s brightest section is only viewable in the northern hemisphere from late February through October. It is easiest to see during New Moon (no moon) phases right after sunset in the fall, so you better take advantage now before it hides away for the winter! Even without the Milky Way, fall/winter is an excellent time to take advantage of long, clear nights and find your favorite constellations. Just be sure to bundle up with our new stock of Long Sleeves and other warm goodies we have coming your way soon!

– Team Rock Monkey

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The Wind Breaker - Teal / Charcoal