Amidst the sweltering heat and unexpected storms, summer remains one of our favorite seasons to get out and play. It’s a season synonymous with vacation, relaxation, and the opportunity to try something new. Team Rock Monkey and some friends set out to have some fun on Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas, and aimed to shoot some of our summer stock while we were at it. We SUP’d, we hooped, and we watched the sun go down on another day of Living the Dream.

Words and Photography by Tanner Burge | @tgburge | Ozarks & Onward

Paddle On

Our home state of Arkansas was experiencing a string of summer storms that threatened our time together, but we decided to continue on with the hopes of a memorable evening with new friends.

Our friend Sara assembled this rad group of ladies that met a few years ago while volunteering with the Beaver Watershed Alliance. Connecting with our community is something extremely important to us, especially efforts to preserve the natural spaces we love to explore and discover. Sara, Kristi, & Melody are passionate about connecting with and helping others, and it was a joy to have them share their love for SUP and hooping with us! (for more information on the Beaver Watershed Alliance, visit

Melody is the owner of SUP Outfitters in Eureka Springs, AR and regularly sponsors lake cleanup events by using her boards in the efforts. She’s lived all over the world, including Germany and Hawaii, and is now spreading the fast-growing Hawaiian sport of SUP throughout NW Arkansas. Her active and eco-friendly lifestyle is something we admire, and can’t wait to work with her more in the future.

The weather this evening was originally a bit of a risk as we found a little break in the summer storms. The sun got lower we were treated with an amazing sunset that broke just below the clouds. Sunsets like this are beautiful reflections of a day well spent.

As the sun set, we took back to dry land to load up the paddle boards while Sara and Kristi showed off some of their hoop skills.

We live for connecting with people and sharing our passions. This evening and sunset were things we won’t soon forget. New sports, new friends, and a greater appreciation for beautiful lakes like this that some of us take for granted.

As the summer starts to fade we hope you’ll share your passions with us as we share ours! Use #TeamRockMonkey, tag us in your adventures, and keep #LivingtheDream with Rock Monkey Outfitters.

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