MNKY Hoodie - Olive


Does your hoodie have a story?  The MNKY Hoodie does!  When we set out to make our first hoodie, we made a promise to ourselves that we would not begin sewing until we agreed that we could honestly say that it beat out every hoodie we've ever worn.  And let me tell you, this wasn't an easy task. 

We've all had our favorite hoodies... right!  The one that you always throw on after work or school.  The one that has been washed so many times that the color has faded.  The one that is SO SOFT that you're literally dreaming about it while sitting at your desk wearing that uncomfortable hipster denim button-down.   To make the perfect hoodie, we knew it had to be soft yet stylish.  After searching the world over, we believe we discovered the softest cotton EVER!  I mean, this stuff was meant to be a hoodie.  And not just any hoodie.. a MNKY Hoodie.   

The hidden secret was waiting for us in Peru.  Little did we know that Northern Peru has optimal growing conditions for what is called pima cotton.  It has to do with the rich soil and the perfect temperatures to produce an unbelievably soft hand.  

So we had our cotton... now we needed our design.  Fortunately, my favorite hoodie (at the time) was still in wearable form and easy to find.  There's a sacred place for your favorite hoodie.  We studied every angle, every stitch, every detail and used it as a starting point for creating the perfect hoodie.  The result was magical.  As a matter of fact, I'll never forget that feeling of accomplishment.  We had done it!  The Peruvian cotton transformed into a perfectly designed hoodie.  

And if that wasn't enough, what many of you don't know is that RCKMNKY's brand promise is to help people Look Good and FEEL GOOD.  Little did we know that the "feel good" side our our story would intersect with the "look good" in Peru.  Since being founded in 2015, RCKMNKY has donated a percentage from the sell of every item to help fund clean drinking water projects around the world.  AND it just so happens that several of our most recent project were in PERU!  This is what we believe is the real magic.  Not only did Peru help us make the perfect hoodie, they've given us the opportunity to give back and to make a real impact in the lives of others.

That is why RCKMNKY exist.  It's why this hoodie exist.  If you're in the business of looking good and feeling good, let us be a part of your story.  When you wear the MNKY logo, it really means something.

Also Available in Charcoal!

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Customer Reviews

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